Thursday, March 4, 2010

Death, Failure, Hate and Pain.

Demon Head. Twisted. Turning.

Dead? Alive? Maybe Both.

Senseless ? Definitely

Twisted? Do I need to answer?

He rises from the ashes. He likes being in the ashes. The lower you fall the higher you fly. Life is meaningless without death. Success is meaningless without failure. Love is meaningless without hate. Happiness is meaningless without pain. The key to euphoria is just one thing. Death, Failure, Hate and Pain. Embrace it. Fall down. Die. Lose everything. Let go of everything. Let it go. Hate yourself for what you are. Embrace pain. Become the demon. In hell, you'll learn to love things that people don't want.. Once you are accustomed to it, just go out. You make a half ditch attempt at really living by attempting an impossible stunt, what do you get? Death. You want to succeed in something, but you don't try hard enough , what do you get? Failure. You make a half ditch attempt to love someone, what do you get? Hate. You expect happiness from someone or something that you don't trust, what do you get in return? Pain.
Once trained in hell, you'll search for things that you are addicted to. You go looking for death, make a half ditch attempt, you'll get the best alive moment of your life..or better still you'll get what you wanted.. Death ! You want failure, you don't care , you don't really bother, you aren't stressed, you don't have negative thoughts, you make an half ass effort, what do you get ? Success. The fear of not succeeding is what drives most people mad, crazy, frustrated, unable to think clearly, they become too focused on what they'll do after they succeed , wasting their time. Losers. Make a half ditch attempt to hate someone, most people on this planet are attention whores. Females especially. Hate them , don't care. Make a half ditch attempt, that's the key. Don't try enough, what do you get? Love maybe, attention.. Definitely. Expect pain from everyone and everything, and some people ..some things they might just make you happy someday.

You will get euphoria from the things that you didn't want. The things that you did not try to obtain. Just make sure you don't get attached to them . Just make sure that you don't make efforts towards them, and life will be perfect. If you get what you wanted good satisfied. If you get what you didn't want, you get to live with euphoria for a while.